Photo of the Virginia Tech Pylon figuresAbout - Mission and Values

So what is CPE?

Yes, CPE formally refers to Continuing and Professional Education. But those three letters also stand for the vision that guides our work - Connect. Plan. Enrich.

Three basic words that encapsulate what we do and what we believe is our place within Virginia Tech, the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

We connect the knowledge and resources within Virginia Tech’s research and learning assets with groups and individuals who need it.

We plan the right learning experiences for our clients and participants, tapping into decades-worth of collective experience in non-credit continuing and professional education.

We enrich lives by creating new experiences and knowledge-building programs that positively impact the economies and well-being of the groups and communities we serve.

How do we make this vision a reality? Through our common mission – Building relationships that facilitate diverse and meaningful learning experiences.

What do those relationships between CPE and those we serve look like? They involve listening, collaboration, guidance and the application of our expertise to your specific needs. This means crafting the right program for each group we work with to ensure everyone who participates feels a connection to both the curriculum being offered and to their fellow learners.

Sound like something you’d be interested in hearing more about? Please contact us so we can begin the conversation and learn more about your needs.

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