To ensure the safety of attendees, staff and your organization, an integrated security plan combining awareness, resources, and preparedness must be implemented. Historically, events and hotels have been targets for human-caused threats, and the reality is that natural and technological risks can occur anywhere.  Using a multidimensional approach, meeting and event professionals must prepare mentally and physically for crises, emergencies, and disasters that may occur.  They must be prepared to respond appropriately when an adverse event does occur, and they must develop the personal and professional resilience to not only survive but thrive after a crisis or disaster. 

This course will look closely at each stage of the planning process, from evaluating the threats unique to your event to on-site crisis management. Participants will explore strategies to build a resilient event staff, as well as ensure the physical safety of clients.

Learner Outcomes

Benefits of attending: 
  • Realistically assess your meeting, attendees, venue, and destination in terms of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Outline emergency response plan elements and resources that can be used for your meetings and events.
  • Explain the importance of implementing an ongoing system for preparing for, mitigating, monitoring, and responding to meeting and event crises, emergencies, and disasters.
  • Articulate the importance of developing resilience from a personal and professional perspective.
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