This is an inspirational course, which will motivate and stimulate you. It will give you insight into how you think, and how you relate to others. It offers a fresh approach to leadership through team building, leading change with diversity, and problem solving. It challenges many commonly held assumptions, whilst being practical and relevant to everyday situations.

Understanding differences in problem-solving style empowers you to offer effective leadership, by enabling personnel to work in their preferred style. This reduces stress, increases efficiency, and improves the working environment for all your people.

You will learn how to use KAI to reveal that everybody is uniquely creative and can contribute usefully. This course will help all members of your group to work together more effectively.

KAI is widely hailed as one of the most robust and insightful measures available to consultants, military personnel, and academics. Developed over the past 45 years, Adaption-Innovation (A-I) Theory and KAI have been supported by over 340 published journal articles and 150 dissertations.

For More Information: Visit our website at https://www.cpe.vt.edu/kai/

*** KAI certification training is only offered through the Virginia Tech teaching team at this time.

Conditions of Sale: KAI Practitioners must actively maintain their KAI accreditation. This will involve attending KAI Events to accrue eight points after a period of four years. Participation in KAI events after the initial four years of being a KAI Practitioner is encouraged, but no longer required for maintenance of your accreditation. For more information on how points may be gained to maintain accreditation, see https://kaicentre.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/kai-accreditation-maintenance.pdf.

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