The Product Management Bootcamp is an immersive, collaborative, cohort-based live-online bootcamp. The 24-week program consists of five courses, one 12-week essentials course, and four 3-week specialized courses. Over the first 12 weeks, students will build essential knowledge and skills grounded in the product life-cycle, market analysis, product planning, product analytics, creating a product strategy, working with and hiring teams, business fundamentals, and getting work as a product manager. 

During the following 12-weeks In the four specialized courses, students will explore tangible, specialized topics in product management. These projects will include UX/UI research, product design, marketing, and software development, all specifically for product managers. Related business strategies are woven in throughout all of the projects.

Each of the five courses in the bootcamp culminates in solving an authentic problem that a real product manager working in an existing company faces. Upon completion, students will leave with a portfolio of work showcasing their product management abilities. Visit our website to learn more.


Learner Outcomes

Essentials Course, topics include:

  • The Product Development Lifecycle
  • Building Business Models 
  • Business Fundamentals 
  • Hypothesis Validation
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Planning, e.g., building product roadmaps, understanding MVPs
  • Product Analytics
  • Building a Product Strategy
  • Working with and Hiring Teams
  • Landing a Job as a Product Manager

Specialized Courses, on these topics:

  • UX Research for PMs
  • Product Design for PMs
  • Product Marketing for PMs
  • Software Development and Metrics for PMs
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