December 8-12, 2019 - KAI Certification Course

The hallmark of KAI, is that it measures HOW an individual prefers to solve problems (their style), which is linked to one’s personality, and how one prefers to manage change; either more adaptively or more innovatively. An individual’s KAI score is stable, innate, and unrelated to intelligence, motivation, or learned skill set. What does this mean? The KAI may be used by teams who have capacity to solve the problem at hand, but are not solving the problem at hand. The KAI is a quick and inexpensive inventory and is supported by Adaption-Innovation theory, which provides a framework for explaining/predicting how individuals manage change based on one’s perception of the problem. So, where other inventories are limited to self-understanding and appreciation of fellow team members, KAI may be used to predict team dynamics, and team-to-team dynamics, with accuracy.

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