In this series of workshops, we will explore success elements of managing the people within your organization. Each of these workshops addresses one key component in an employee’s career trajectory at an organization. The underlying goal of this series is to help managers develop success strategies for hiring, evaluating performance, and aligning skills with strategic goals. 

Key questions that we address in this series: Why are you creating or hiring someone for these roles? Are these roles new or redesigned? How does this role fit in the organization as a whole? What does it take to be successful in these roles? How can you help your employee grow and develop skills needed for the organization’s success in the future?

These interactive workshops, virtual workshops will be 90-120 minutes, including content delivery, discussion, and practical applications. Workshops can be taken individually or as a series that builds upon one another. 


Building the Right Team – Best hiring practices from aligning job descriptions to interviewing questions (90 minutes)

This workshop will explore best practices related to designing and filling positions to align with organizational needs. Key questions addressed: Why does a great hire start with an effective job description? Where do you set the bar for candidates to clear for hiring? How do you use interviews to gather information you can actually use to choose between candidates?

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 
- Recognize components to effective job descriptions 
- Determine clear thresholds for evaluation candidate qualifications
- Design an interview structure to elicit useful information to inform hiring decisions

Setting the Stage – Growing and developing your employees (120 Minutes) 

This workshop will explore best practices related to integrating new employees and setting your teams up for success. Key questions addressed include: What do you do once the employee begins? How do you start them off on the right foot? How do you keep employees engaged? How do you identify and address the needs of the employee? 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 
- Identify elements of productive onboarding processes 
- Construct individualized approaches to performance development 
- Evaluate individual performance within the broader organizational context 

Succession Planning - Strategic Planning for Your People (90 minutes)

This workshop explores a holistic approach to succession planning focused on aligning employees and their skills with the organization’s strategic goals. Key questions addressed: What are the organization’s mid-term and long-term strategic goals? What are the critical competencies or (KSAs) needed to reach each strategic goal? Do your employees currently possess these skills? If they do, how do you ensure that you keep or build depth in these skills? If they don’t, how do you address the skills gap? 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 
- Differentiate between important and critical competencies for accomplishing strategic goals 
- Perform a skills gap analysis 
- Develop a plan to strengthen existing skills and mitigate any gaps

Each workshop listed is available in either a Tuesday or Thursday format. You may register for any combination of workshops at the same time.

NOTE: When adding the workshop to your cart, the Tuesday option will automatically be selected. Therefore, select the Thursday option while viewing your cart if you intend to register for that day. 


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