The Essentials of Asset Management Certificate includes the following three courses: 
  • Course 1 - Fundamental Topics for Asset Management 
  • Course 2 - Advanced Topics for Asset Management 
  • Course 3 - Asset Management Plan 

Please Note: While each course can be taken as individual offering, to earn the Essentials of Asset Management Certificate, you must successfully complete all three courses listed above. 

Fee Details

  • Standard Course Fee - $395 per course ($1,185 for the 3-course certificate) 
  • SWIM Center Member Fee - $345 per course ($1,035 for the 3-course certificate) 

How it Works

  • Each course takes approximately 24 hours to complete. The total estimated time to complete the 3-course certificate is 72 hours depending on your familiarity with the topic and experience with online learning. 
  • The program’s online courses are self-paced and available on-demand through Virginia Tech’s Canvas Learning Management System. Participants will have up to 90 days from the date of enrollment to complete an individual course. 
  • A final test for each course must be successfully passed with a minimum score of 80% to be awarded CEUs/PDHs. 
  • If you are seeking the Asset Management Certificate from Virginia Tech, you must pass each individual course in this program. 

Contact Us
For any program, course registration, and/or certificate related questions, please send an email to: If the email is sent on a weekend, it will be responded to on the next available business day. 

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