CPR Certification Course or Scaffold Training.
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Section Title
EHS Safety Training
Jun 01, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
Contact Hours
569675 CPR Workshops non-credit $45.00
Section Notes

Departmental Procedures for Enrollment and Paying CPE Conference Registration Fees via HokieMart

Department must start enrollment by registering at the following link:

    • Select CPR Workshops $45  (per person)
    • On the payment page select “other methods”
    • In the payment dropdown select HokieMart ISR
    • You will be contacted by a CPE Enrollment Coordinator with the below instructions on how to proceed with you ISR transfer.

Once in HokieMart

  • From the Main Screen of HokieMart under the forms tab click “Interdepartmental Service Request” (ISR).
  • In the ISR under “Supplier Info” click on the drop-down box and choose “VT CPE Registrations”
  • Complete the information under the “General Info” portion of the form :
    • Catalog No. will be  “ISR”
    • Enter a description and include the name of the program (EHS Safety – CPR - 569675)
    • Enter the quantity – which is the number of participants that will be attending.
    • Packaging can remain at each
  • Enter the amount of the registration fee: ($45 per person for the CPR training)
  • Complete the “External Info” portion of the form.
  • Please attach a copy of the Registration Form to the “External Attachments” which can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the “External Info” box.
    • It is required for you to attach an enrollment list including emails for all participants attending and the list of names must match the amount of participants on the ISR or it will delay the enrollment process.
  • From the Available Actions drop down menu, click Add and go to Cart.  Click Go.
  • You will now be in the Cart-Draft Requisition.
  • Click Review in the upper right hand flow chart and then you will be in Summary-Draft Requisition.
  • Review the Supplier/line item details.
  • In the highlighted box, a fund is requested (unless auto default).  Under the funding level click edit.  Enter the fund code of your department paying for course and the account code (12897).
  • Click Save.
  • When Draft Requisition is complete, Submit PR in the upper right hand flow chart.
  • Make sure the Draft Requisition is approved by the appropriate person.
  • Follow the ISR’s progress in HokieMart to confirm it has been completely approved. CPE is not notified of your ISR until all approvals are complete.
  • A confirmation letter of enrollment will be sent confirming registration
  • Each week Curt Porterfield emails the participants confirming enrollment and provides course dates and selections.  If you have not heard from Curt within two weeks contact him at cuporter@vt.edu.

If any assistance is needed with these steps contact cpeinfo@vt.edu.

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