The Virginia Tech Data Analytics Bootcamp is designed for students to pursue high-quality tech education while continuing to balance work or other commitments. Our program provides you with the flexibility to fit career development into your life.

A data analyst gathers, analyzes, and builds visualizations of an organization’s data to inform critical business decisions. Stakeholders then use this data to implement effective changes and launch new initiatives. As a result, skilled data analysts are highly sought-after, making it a rewarding career path for inquisitive professionals with a desire to solve problems.

According to Lightcast™, employment of data analysts in the U.S. is projected to grow by 23% through 2032. Hiring for roles like Data Analyst, Insights Analyst, Data Modeler, and Data Analytics Consultant, companies are seeking individuals with the latest skills and knowledge in the field. Virginia Tech Data Analytics Bootcamp grads will be well-equipped for these roles and many others.

In addition, students will be prepared to earn the most in-demand industry certifications. Taking these certifications is optional but highly recommended for career success. Students can choose to take certification exams during or directly after the bootcamp.

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Virginia Tech Data Analytics Bootcamp
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Course Format: 100% Live Online

What You Will Learn

Bootcamp classes combine live online instruction with group and independent active learning challenges facilitated by industry-experienced professionals.

During the program, students will:

  • Learn advanced features and formulas in Microsoft Excel.
  • Design, learn, and apply SQL for database definition and manipulation.
  • Apply Python fundamentals to manipulate and analyze data.
  • Create and optimize highly interactive data visualizations using Tableau.
  • Use AWS Glue to apply ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.
  • Gain the skills to qualify for certification as a Tableau Desktop Specialist (exam not included in bootcamp).
  • Explore how to apply generative AI in data analytics using ChatGPT, Bing AI, and more with a free elective course.

You’ll also graduate from the program with a portfolio of work that demonstrates your ability to solve real business problems for real companies.

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