Engineering systems must increasingly rely on computational simulation for predicted performance, reliability, and safety. Computational analysts, designers, decision makers, and project managers who rely on simulation must have practical techniques and methods for assessing simulation credibility. These courses present modern terminology and effective procedures for verification of numerical simulations, validation of mathematical models, and uncertainty quantification of nondeterministic simulations.

The information presented in these courses is applicable to a wide range of engineering and science applications, including fluid dynamics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, and structural dynamics.

Two Day Professional Short Course: Verification and Validation in Scientific Computing
The techniques presented in this course are applicable to a wide range of engineering and science applications, including fluid dynamics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, and structural dynamics. The mathematical models considered are given in terms of partial differential or integral equations, formulated as initial and boundary value problems. The computer codes that implement the mathematical models can use any type of numerical method (e.g., finite volume, finite element) and can be developed by commercial, corporate, government, or research organizations. While the focus of the course is on modeling and simulation, experimentalists will benefit from a detailed discussion of techniques for designing and conducting high quality validation experiments.

Three Hour Professional Short Course: Simulation Verification and Validation for Managers
This short course is designed so that managers with little or no training in science or engineering will be able to understand the technical concepts behind verification and validation (V&V) and how they can assess and improve simulation credibility. The roles, responsibilities, and implementation costs of simulation developers, producers, and customers will be addressed. This course is only offered as a supplement to the two-day technical short course "Verification and Validation in Scientific Computing" for engineers and scientists. This two or three hour course can be presented either immediately before or after the two-day technical short course.

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