The Java Essentials program is offered to bridge the skills of highly qualified applicants to be successful in the areas of programming and data structures using JAVA. The purpose of the course is to bring learners from outside the computer science discipline into the field of computing, and the course satisfies the prerequisite for admission to the Master's of Engineering in Computer Science.

Participants will receive a digital badge upon successful completion of all units and assessments. NOTE: July 1 is the last day to register. The course will be available until October 1, and participants must complete all units and assessments by this date to receive their digital badge.

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Inheritance and Polymorphism
Unit 2 - Conditionals and Software Testing
Unit 3 - Variables and For-loops
Unit 4 - More Lists, Loops, Arrays and Grouping
Unit 5 - More Loops and Arrays
Unit 6 - Multi-dimensional Arrays, File I/O and Sets
Unit 7 - Testing and Exceptions
Unit 8 - Linked Lists, Bags, Stacks, and Efficiency
Unit 9 - Recursion and Software Design
Unit 10 - Queues and Generics
Unit 11 - Lists and Iterators
Unit 12 - Comparing, Sorting and Binary Search

The micro-credential earned through this course confirms competency in the following:

Programming / Object-Oriented Concepts
• objects, classes
• instance data, encapsulation
• methods
• inheritance, class hierarchies
• unit testing

Java Specific Topics
• source code, bytecode
• compilation
• object references, aliases
• primitive data types
• methods, parameter passing
• visibility modifiers (public vs. private)
• importing packages and classes
• static data and methods
• assignment, type compatibility
• conditionals: if, if-else, switch
• loops: while, for, “for each”
• Input/Output: Scanner, PrintWriter

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Java Essentials
Online, self paced
Jan 22, 2024 to Oct 01, 2024
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566713 Java Essentials $3,000.00
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NOTE: July 1, 2024 is the last day to enroll!

Program Information: This is an asynchronous course, and a teaching assistant will be available to answer questions and assist as needed. It should take approximately 12 weeks to complete the course. Upon completion, you will receive a digital badge from Virginia Tech. All content must be completed by October 1, 2024, to receive the badge. To access the content, you will first need to create a guest account via Virginia Tech Canvas Professional Development. Within 2 hours or registering, you will receive an email with the subject line “Virginia Tech Guest Account Invitation” with instructions to set-up your guest account. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder and try searching the subject line. After creating your guest account, it may take up to 6 hours for your account to become active. Once active, visit: https://profdev-lms.tlos.vt.edu/ to log in and access the course. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Refund requests must be received 14 calendar days prior to January 22, 2024. A $350 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds. Requests should be sent by email or by initiating a drop request through the student portal in our online registration system. Please note: refunds will not be issued for no-shows or for cancellation requests received on or after January 22, 2024. 

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