This short course covers the math and science of real-world water treatment applications. It is an intensive course that builds from introductory, basic skills to the application of many important principles. Topics include the calculation of chemical feed rates, interpreting pump curves, interpreting water quality data, selecting the best coagulant dosage, calculating filter rates, interpreting water treatment regulations, and much more.

Learner Outcomes

Will this short course prepare you for the courses offered as part of the Annual Short School for Operators at Virginia Tech? Does it help with licensure? "Strongly, yes, to both questions!" This course was designed to supplement and complement the material presented at the Annual Short School. For some years, we have wanted to free up time in the Annual Short School for new and emerging topics. This program enables us to remove some of the math and science that was a part of the Short School, Water 1-3 Short Courses. This course will help with licensure at all levels, because as Yogi Berra might have said, "The course starts at the beginning!"
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