Man and woman pointing to a story board.Our educator courses, programs, and conferences, are designed to provide educators with the tools necessary to improve the scholarship of teaching and learning. We bring educators together to transcend common challenges faced in the field, expand perspectives, broaden understanding, increase leadership capacity, and offer opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing information. These courses cover everything from disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies and effective instructional practice to demonstrations of infusing engineering and technology into the standards of learning. Browse through our available programs to find one that fits your unique educational needs.


100008 - Adhesion Science Short Course
100023 - VDOE Mathematics SOL Institutes
100025 - 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Spring Professional Development Institute
100077 - Virginia Network Annual State Conference
100109 - VDOE Coordinators' Technical Assistance Academy
100116 - Recently Appointed Administrators Program
100156 - Leader as Coach
100167 - 21st CCLC Coordinators' Academy
100169 - Virginia Children's Engineering Convention
100186 - Virginia Title III Statewide Consortium Conference
100229 - State Operated Programs Conference
100238 - Expediting Reading Comprehension for English Language Learners (ExC-ELL)101
100241 - Strategies to Support Newcomer Students and Students with Limited and Interrupted Education (SLIFE)
100244 - WestEd: Teaching English Learners (ELs) with Learning Difficulties in the Inclusive Classroom Trainer of Trainers
100253 - VDOE Multi-Sensory Pilot Project Update Institute 2018 - Roanoke
100255 - VDOE English Co-Teaching Academy
100268 - Lake Lugano Chamber Music Festival
100270 - Joint PI Meeting
100274 - VDOE Summer Institute for School Nursing
100305 - Women and Gender Development Conference 2019: Out of Theory and into the Field
100307 - Central Appalachia STEM Summit
100330 - Narrative & Nostalgia: The Crusades & American Civil War Conference
100342 - Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Conference
100345 - Workshop on Building Entanglement for Quantum Information Processing: Opportunities and Challenges
100348 - VDOE 2019 Data Trainings
100355 - WestEd: Identification and Academic Support for Long Term English Learners Training
100356 - Family Engagement Institute
100357 - ESEA Application Workshop
100359 - Generations in the Workplace
100365 - PI Workshop for the Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier
100369 - VDOE Multi-Sensory Structured Literacy Training
100372 - VDOE Journey Into Teaching Academy
100374 - VDOE Multi-Sensory Pilot Project Update - Roanoke
100379 - VDOE Multi-Sensory Pilot Project Update Institute-Richmond
100380 - VDOE LETRS Facilitator Training
100381 - VDOE Real Co-Teaching
100383 - VDOE Twice Exceptional Students Academy
100384 - Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in the World Language Classroom – Summer Academy
100396 - ExC-ELL Administrators Coaching Academy
100397 - Language Use in Language Arts: Connecting Content and Language
100399 - Success in Secondary Math: Connecting Content and Language
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Teacher Enrichment
Teacher Preparation
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